QR Mill Pond

The Mill Pond has been one of our most popular attractions and is home to a vast range of wildlife.

The original Mill pond, was a built in around 1712 by John Pearsall, to supply water to the newly built Mill, powering the machinery to roll Iron. This ingenious way of powering the water mill was revolutionary at the time, as it allowed the Pearsall family to control the flow of water, and speed of machinery, making the production more efficient.

Over the years, the Mill pond was a constant supply of power to the various owners of the Mill, and even a popular fishing spot amongst the locals!

During a Storm in 1968, a falling tree broke the wall of the Mill Pond, causing thousands of litres of water to flood the area in what is now the café and wildlife garden, wiping out all the equipment. The Mill would never function again.


After being abandoned for many years,  in the late 1980s, Avon Wildlife Trust created a smaller Mill Pond as tribute to its much larger original. This would become 

a haven for a wide range of wildlife, and one of the first attractions at the nature reserve.

Over the years, the pond was host to many school trips and an important educational resource, but after over 30 years, the pond had seen better days. It developed leaks, was overgrown with invasive weeds and was a far cry from the thriving pond we once loved.

After a generous grant by Enovert Community Trust, we were able to redesign the pond, carefully remove the wildlife and build the new improved, Pearsall Pond – offering a more varied habitat, attracting newer species, and many areas for our future generations to explore the pond, and learn about our wild visitors.

We are so happy that we can once again welcome our community back to the site of a 300 year old Mill Pond, to play, explore and learn.








Here is a list of wildlife you might find in the Pearsall Pond

Common Frog, Common Toad,  Palmate Newt,  Smooth Newt, Common Pond Skater, Water Boatman, Mallard, Heron, Three Spined Stickleback

And a wide range of Dragon and Damsel Flies;

Southern Hawker, Common Darter, Emperor, Broad Bodied Chaser, Four Spotted Chaser, Beautiful demoiselle, Banded demoiselle, Large Red, Common Blue