QR Wildlife Garden

The wildlife garden at the Mill has always been a popular attraction, and an important educational resource for the local community. Originally created by Avon Wildife Trust in the 90s, it used recycled sinks and baths to create smaller ‘dipping’ ponds, alongside the larger habitat pond.

After many years of use by local schools and residents, we were awarded a generous grant to improve the garden, making it more accessible and much more visitor friendly.







Work began in August 2020, the middle of lockdown. A team of volunteers began digging out (by hand!) the sinks, baths, tyres and sleepers, to be used elsewhere on the site, and the valuable wildlife was carefully transferred to our conservation pond. Over winter, the digger arrived, and created the new pond layout, which included several depths to attract a wider range of wildlife, a bridge over the water, and we even recycled the baths.

The new pond was complete, and it was a huge effort from our volunteers, and open to the public in spring 2021.








Thanks to its sheltered location, the garden is the perfect hangout spot for a wide variety of birds, squirrels, bats and plenty of pond wildlife.