Valley Trail

The Mill has abundant wildlife and plants.

Regular or resident visitors to the valley are numerous so look out for Dippers, Yellow Wagtails and Kindgfishers along the brook. Buzzards, Sparrow Hawks,  Jays,  Green, Great Spotted and Lessor Spotted Woodpeckers in the woodland.

Tree Creepers, Goldcrests , Bullfinch, Goldfinch, Hedgesparrow, Blackcaps and all the more common birds you would expect to see in an open woodland habitat.

Tawny Owls breed in the larger trees and Peregrine Falcons and Ravens have been seen, in the Summer, high above the valley.


Fourteen species of butterfly were recorded last year and Dragon and Damselflies patrol the glades around the ponds. See how many species you can find on a sunny day.


The woods are home to Badgers, Fox, Roe deer and Grey squirrels.

An adult dog Otter was seen in the car park immediately outside of the Mill building recently and wild Mink have been seen close to the Brook.

There is a bat trail through the valley where numerous species forage and feed.


The three introduced ponds within the valley attract large numbers of frogs, toads and newts.


Slowworms are frequently seen basking in the sunshine and Grass snakes have been recorded around the pond fringes.


There are many examples of native flora within the woodland,  including Bluebells, Primroses and Snowdrops.

Some species are ancient woodland indicators and underline its history as an ancient forest.

There are over fifteen different tree species present in the valley so see how many you can identify.