Wildlife Pond & Garden Area Update

Wildlife Pond & Garden Area Update

There have been a number of issues with the current small pond and baths. The existing pond dries out each Summer with the resultant loss of pond life and the baths and sinks become overheated at the same time resulting in a reduction of recorded species overall.

WMCR have secured funding to improve the landscape and make the habitat more attractive to insects amphibians and mammals.

Part of this project includes the provision of a new bigger and deeper pond. This will avoid the annual drying out of the pond by providing a deeper section that will provide a species sanctuary during this period. The new pond will have a shallow section and decking bridge which will provide continued good opportunity for pond dipping and observation.

In addition the creation of a bog garden and rockery will create two different habitats that will support the pond life during winter months when amphibians in particular are looking for shelter and protection.

The popularity of the small ponds are acknowledged especially for smaller children and four of the baths will be maintained as part of the landscape for access by them. it is hoped that this improvement will benefit both pond inhabitants and those that enjoy finding and observing them.